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About Us

Montessori Oman

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Montessori education seeks to develop each unique child to their fullest potential. Montessori Oman fosters excellence by encouraging each child's initiative and promoting independence and self-motivation.

We believe that the most important time in a person's development is between birth and the age of six. Through a carefully prepared environment, and the guidance of a well-trained teacher, children are introduced to the joy of life long learning with confidence. 

Age Group

Montessori Oman accepts children aged 2 to 5.5 years. Our classrooms are prepared for multi-age groupings. These groupings operate very like family environments, providing key learning and development opportunities. The multi-age grouping method gives the opportunity to experience different roles; being the oldest and the youngest, as it stimulates a sense of caring and responsibility among the class.

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Our Facilities

At Montessori Oman, we are proud to offer the highest quality environment in which our students can learn, explore and thrive.

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Our classrooms: 
Our classrooms are designed by applying the Montessori philosophy:

Child-sized furniture for independence
Muted tones  to reduce visual stimulation
Spacious areas where children can work on the table or floor


School hours are 7:45am to 12:30pm, Sunday through Thursday. Montessori Oman also offers advanced and extended classes four times a week from 12:30 - 1:45 PM.

*Extended programs are offered at extra fee

KinderPass Application

Communication is key between parents and the school. Our school management system KinderPass allows parents to directly communicate with teachers and administration. The platform includes pictures and videos of your child, weekly journals with your child progress and tuition details.

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